Author: Masha Theremin
The granddaughter of Lev Theremin, the first theremin for Masha, he did when she was 3 years old. Co-organizer of Thereminology Festival in St.Petersburg and Moscow . Co-founder of the St. Petersburg Theremin Society. She writes a the biography book about Lev Theremin.
Veronik ( theremin)


We continue a series of interviews with the finalists of the international Theremin video contest THEREMIN STAR dedicated to the centenary of Theremin. Today we bring to your attention an interview with a theremin performer from Peru – Véronique Meguerditchian. Veronik is the composer and the…

Theremin Star hYrtis and her theremin journey

In January 2020, we found out the name of the winner of the Theremin Star competition of theremin videos dedicated to the 100th anniversary of theremin . During the 2019th year, 100 videos from around the world took part in the competition. These were very different…