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thereminist, grand-grandson of Leon Theremin

Clara Rockmore “Lost Theremin Album” online

“Lost Theremin Album” is an album that was recorded by the only virtuoso of theremin – Clara Rockmore. This album, released in 2006, was recorded together with Clara’s sister – the outstanding pianist Nadia Reisenberg. The music of Bach, Kreisler, Achron, Kassado, Ravel, Gershwin, is performed…

Clara Rockmore – interview

Clara Rockmore gave this interview to Robert Moog on November 1, 1977 on the occasion of the publication of the record The Art of the Theremin. Moog cleared up the genesis of the interview in a message to Reid Welch and the Levnet forum on October 6, 1997: “‘In…

Theremin in Turkey

Thorwald Jorgensen in Turkey! CSO Concert Hall, November 24, 2017 – 20:00 Rachmaninoff, Fuleihan, Alabiev With Presidential Symphony Orchestra Of Turkey

Theremin and bas @Germany, define festival

Søndag, 12.11.2017 kl. 14:30 Multikulturhuset på havnen Carolina Eyck, theremin Philipp Martin, bas Carolina Eyck Theremin og bas Den unge duo Carolina Eyck og Philipp Martin optræder med nye stykker for theremin og bas. Carolina Eyck (født 1987) er en af nutidens mest kendte og efterspurgte Theremin spillere. Instrumentet har inspireret hende…

Theremin in @Blind Orchestra, St.Petersburg

On November 8, at 20:00, Peter Theremin performance as part of the international project “The Blind Orchestra”. The musicians play blindfolded, and the conductor controls the orchestra, touching the musicians with a conductor’s baton. Read more:

Robert Meyer

So please, if you have anything that you would like to say publicly about Clara Rockmore, her creativity and her works, – please write. Clara Rockmore was the first person I recorgnized on Youtube, of course long before Google made her public. I was impressed by…